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Economic Recovery in Mozambique After COVID-19

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After a few years of hardship, financial crisis, and natural disasters, Mozambique began 2020 with very positive expectations for economic recovery. Works on LNG projects were kicking off, foreign companies were returning to Mozambique, and even the real estate sector showed signs of reprisal. All this excitement halted abruptly in March, when the COVID-19 pandemic reached its peak in Europe and the US, and started spreading on the African continent.

A few months into the pandemic, Mozambican businesses and the entire population have adapted to the new normal; working from home, maintaining social distance, and waiting patiently for the clouds to part. While it is not clear for how long lockdown measures will continue, what is clear is that the much-awaited economic recovery of Mozambique will be slowed for the time being.

But just how compromised is economic recovery in 2020? What future awaits Mozambique's businesses? What measures should be taken? How can FDI return? These are the topics that The Business Year wants to discuss during this roundtable, which will include leading personalities from the public sector and international bodies. The Business Year aims to create a platform to present the government's plan for economic recovery and create a dialogue with the public, and to engage new ideas and debate priorities.


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