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Time for Change: Digitalization in Kuwait

Kuwait City, Kuwait

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Kuwait plays an outsized role in the regional and global economy. Its banks are increasing their lending and operating activities abroad and its energy sector—always a global force—is developing new projects around the world while diversifying its energy mix at home. With this expansion comes the responsibility to develop and export ideas prepared for the digital world. This event is exploring the key facilitators of digitalization in Kuwait and how the finance and energy sectors are adopting their practices, as well as developing their own. The Business Year—building off of its June 2019 event in London on the importance of the Kuwaiti private sector—is using this event to gather leaders from the public and private sector to discuss their collaborative digital efforts. We hope this event will bring digitalization to the forefront of the conversation in Kuwait and showcase the economy's progress and ambitions for the global business audience. The event's three dynamic panels—on the energy sector, the insurance sector, and digital “facilitators"—were chosen because of their importance for the digital economy and their ability to export know-how around the world. In sharing the stage with speakers who are helping coordinate the digital transition, we hope this event will encourage further cooperation and knowledge-sharing.

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Kuwait City

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